MODOFLY is an artist collaborative piloted by a couple of jack-of-all trade artists/designers that go by the names of Jordan and Kevin. Their goal is to inspire artists and users alike with the hope that they themselves will be continually fueled by the feedback loop that happens when people work together. We hope you join us as we grow and evolve to bigger and better things, holding to the belief that with community great things can happen.

Andrea Joseph

Andrea Joseph is originally from Wales. She now lives, and draws, in the Peak District, England. She is a self taught illustrator who used to get hung up about having no formal training, but now she kind of likes it that way. Her style is highly detailed, bordering on the obsessive. Her subjects are the everyday objects that she surrounds herself with. Her tools are whatever is to hand. She especially likes ballpoint. Her very most favourite thing is to potter around the house in her pyjamas. All day long. She worries about everything and is, right now, worrying about how rubbish this bio sounds. Andrea draws each and everyday. When she is not drawing she is thinking about, and itching to start, her next drawing. She has had a crush on Paul Weller for 30 years. He still doesn’t know she exists.

Angelique Houtkamp

Angelique is a native of Amsterdam,the Netherlands, home of bicycles and window prostitution. She started drawing and painting when she was thirty, which is actually not as late as it seems, considering the fact that she had to take special classes to make her handwriting readable to even herself. Her work is deceptively simple, instantly recognisable and often humurous. She loves food, cats and gallons of Fanta light and used to travel the world extensively until the airlines decided to cramp her 1.80m body into smaller and smaller seat spaces. Enjoys watching Project Catwalk whilst eating borrelnootjes.

Amy Hunting

Amy was born in a small place in Norway on Christmas Day. Her older sister instantly hated her for ruining Christmas and having to wait another day to open all the presents. 23 years later, the older sister has just about forgiven her. Amy is in her final year of furniture design school in Denmark. She makes furniture that looks like her drawings (or drawings that look like her furniture) and tries to do as much freelance illustration work as she can. She has done illustrations for Doodah Skateboards, Don't Panic Magazine, SNITT Illustration Magazine and more.

Ben Sterling

Ben Stirling was educated at the Ryerson School of Interior Design, meandered for a bit, made a webcomic, then somehow ended up as a video game artist. In his 15 minutes of spare time, he sculpts creepy artifacts, plays with vinyl toys, draws comics, designs posters for things that don't exist, and generally makes a mess on whatever surface he uses. Ben lives in Toronto.His posters can be found at:

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor’s ongoing art project / brand “Candykiller” is a playground for his surreal characters and creations. Much of the Candykiller work is inspired by the pop culture of his childhood, and his love of the styles of bygone eras. Specific inspirations include trading cards, cheap novelties, Japanese pop culture, vintage cartoons, plastic toys, underground comix and sideshow art. His characters are often a mishmash of several retro periods with a contemporary (and sometimes slightly sinister) twist. Candykiller products include books, toys, and art prints, as well as original paintings.

Claire Hummel

Claire Hummel is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design’s Illustration program, and is spending a few relaxing months at home in Los Angeles before moving up to Redmond, WA and making a living at the Microsoft Games Studios. Though she deeply regrets leaving friends behind in the bucolic landscape of Providence Plantations, she is otherwise quite content with the slice of pie life has handed her and will do her best to savor its heady flavours. Claire loves to draw and talk about Disneyland, Myst, National Park Rangers, Hawai’i, and any historical costuming that isn’t from the 1830’s, as that decade was very, very silly. She also realizes that trying to list all the things she’s interested in is inevitably hopeless, but can’t leave out her love of science fiction and America’s charmingly optimistic period of growth during the early ‘60’s.

Dan Hillier

With a nod to Max Ernst and 19th century medical and anatomy books, Dan's collages of found Victoriana and his own ink drawings throw up a darkly humorous collection of unsettling beings from a distant time into the modern world. Dan lives and works in Hackney in East London where he also sells his work as limited edition prints. He has exhibited in various venues in London including the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Deborah Gwinn

Seattle-based artist Deborah Gwinn is a clean freak. It was only natural that in her quest to rid the kitchen of germs she discovered her current medium of choice: regular household bleach. After years of experimentation, Deborah has discovered select papers that will give the results you see in her often ethereal, nature-inspired pieces. There are no fixing mistakes with this medium. One accidental drop in the wrong place and it's all over. Her achievements with bleach range from delicate winged creatures to moody landscapes. Deborah has captured fans worldwide with her squeaky-clean style.

Eliza Leahy

Eliza Leahy is an Australian artist who specializes in the rare and beautiful art of scratchboard. Her work is influenced by the animals with whom she shares her life--even when they are naughty. Eliza has no formal art training, having agoraphobia which made it impossible for her to go to college. However, being isolated within a single environment does tend to focus her attentions! Recently Eliza has received an Assistance dog to help her get out more - and Gem (the Papillon) now features in many of her art works. Eliza shows with the Schizophrenia Fellowship Art Show every year, and has artworks in the Royal Brisbane Hospital as well as in private collections in Australia, America and Canada.

Eric Poulton

Eric Poulton is a temporary pocket of low entropy known as a Canadian. Eric Poulton is told he is 25 years old by others, and he has to take their word for it because he doesn’t remember being born. Eric Poulton dreams of making video games for a living, which is handy because that’s already his job. Eric Poulton likes candy and Youtube and outer space. Eric Poulton is .00098 nautical miles tall, approximately 37 degrees celsius and contains 5 litres of A+ type blood. Eric Poulton enjoys pillowfights IN THEORY. Eric Poulton is not a valid command, Cancel/Retry?

Evan Hawkins

As a designer, photographer and painter Evan is a hybrid artist. He works as the art director of 923 Studios by day, but by night he get into all kinds of crazy things like bleaching designs into t-shirts or taking pictures of old cameras with new cameras while listening to Cake. He is a sucker for all things retro especially vintage clocks and cameras that he often finds at thrift stores.

Fabiola Garza Villalobos

Fabiola Garza is originally from Mexico but has lived in Turkey, Colombia and currently resides in the Unites States. Since she has been denied a royal title and a grand estate, she has opted to pursue an illustration degree at Rhode Island School of Design in order to satisfy her fascination with fairytales. She would like to learn to waltz and tango, shoot a bow and arrow with unparalleled precision and own a pair of ruby slippers. Recently, though, she has been rethinking her aims, and may decide to become a country maid somewhere in Europe.

Fabio Iaschi

Fabio Iaschi (aka Torakiki) was born in Parma, Italy where he now lives and works as freelance Art Director, mostly for the web industry. Fabio is passionate about art in any form. Ever since he was kid he loved to draw. Growing up he cultivated other passions such as photography, sculpture, creative writing and poetry. One of his ongoing personal projects is:

France Belleville

As her name might suggest, France grew up in...well...France, though has since moved to the U.S. and become a high school teacher. She has never stopped drawing, and has developed a healthy obsession with Swedish cars, pencil portraits, and never-ending cross-hatching. Check out her site below as well as the youtube links on her product pages to see her sketch in person.

Isabella Klein

Isabella is a Dutch artist who specializes in the wonderful and amazing. She spends most of her life in imaginary worlds. Everything she encountered on her many trips to these worlds she has put down on paper, using nothing more then her pencil and a bottle of ink. Her work is inspired by fairytales, folklore, mythology, literature and the shadow-theater of old. Isabella now runs her own business selling her drawings, hand-cut shadow puppets and other handmade goods. Doing work as a freelance illustrator and by custom order, her little world and work can be found at:

Jason Chalker

Jason is a native Texan, currently residing in Chicago, IL. Chalker's style is reminiscent of the pulp and pin-up art of the 40's and 50's. His work is imaginative and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's the kind of art that makes you want to pick up a bad science fiction book or trashy novel and waste a perfectly good summer afternoon living in another, more bizarre world. Jason graduated with a Masters degree in Fine Art from Savannah College of Art and Design in 1994 to embark on a strange and wonderful freelance career in art, design and animation. Recently, Jason was an animator on Richard Linklater's feature film, A Scanner Darkly, released in the summer of 2006.
John W. Golden

John Golden is a digital artist working and living in Wilmington, North Carolina. He recently chucked his career as a broadcast designer to be a full-time working artist, and so far, his children have not gone hungry. He creates works that replicate traditional methods by almost entirely digital means (he scans a texture or two). His broadcast work for networks such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon gave him an opportunity to develop an artistic sense that makes his art appeal to grown-ups and kids of all ages.

Jordan Pollard, MODOFLY Co-Founder

Working hard to have dabbled in as much as possible in this short life, Jordan has attempted to master always taking on new experiences. With a sincere interest in learning, and a mind that tangents exponentially, Jordan has managed to study and practice architecture and design, work with wood and metal, start several businesses, and has talked to more people than names he can remember. He is deeply interested in free culture, open source anything, collaboration of all types, idea generators, and just about any kind of computer numerically controlled device. He longs to own many.

Josef Beery

Josef Beery is a graphic artist in Charlottesville, Virginia. While his head and hands work on digital communications for institutional clients both print and web, his feet and heart are firmly founded in the idea of 'the book' and its origins, social function, and its craft tradition. He is a cofounder of the Virginia Arts of the Book Center. He is a journaliser with an extensive body of personal artists books as well as digital blogs. Additionally, Josef is a great advocate of relief printmaking. The oldest form of printmaking and the most accessible to the non-artist, relief printmaking has deep roots in social commentary, and is responsible for the spread of visual art into the lives of the common man.

Joseph Chiang

JoE was born in Singapore in the 70’s. He grew up watching Japanese cartoons and playing Atari video games throughout the 80’s. JoE has been drawing since he was four years old, re-creating characters from his favorite Japanese shows such as Ultraman, Astro Boy and Godzilla. Years later, JoE has refined his drawing skills, but continues to draw many of the same characters and images inspired by his childhood. JoE’s originals, limited edition prints, zines and toys are collected worldwide and can be found online in his Etsy shop. To see more of JoE's work, visit...

Karen Preston

Karen has always felt that art is magic.; that there is such an excitement that comes with creating something from nothing. One moment there is a blank space, and the next, she's created a new world to fill it. When Karen finishes a piece that she likes, it's such a high that she can't sleep that night. It takes her between a week and forever to complete a piece. Like many artists, she feels that the pieces that come easily are sent to her from somewhere else. Wherever that is, she is grateful for the glimpse inside.

Kellie Schneider

Kellie is a self-taught visual artist living in Michigan. She has been drawing since she could first hold a pencil. By age 5, Kellie knew that she would be an artist. She first began painting with old cans of house paint, and made full length books with stacks of paper plates. At 11, experimenting as a minimalist, Kellie painted the entire kitchen eggshell white including the sink, microwave, and counter tops as a birthday “surprise” for her father. Needless to say, through the years Kellie has taken her art in several directions; currently, she is submerged in the world of illustration. She recently began her first illustrated book entitled Cadis & Adelaide, a wordless novel, tracing the lives of two tongue-tied and bewildering individuals. A catalog of her recent work can be found at:

Kevin Scott, MODOFLY Co-Founder

Having spent the last 10 years moving from place to place in a quest never to get bored, Kevin has honed his skills as a design ninja. Earning his black belt in architecture, illustration, and graphic design, he currently resides in Charlottesville, Va with his dog Phoebe, who has faithfully traveled in many of his quests. Kevin's uncanny (borderline neurotic) ability to focus on every last bit of minutia, slowly refining it until it has been aged to perfection, is the Yin to Jordan's tangential Yang. Check out some of Kevin’s illustration and architecture pre-modofly at:

Lia Marcoux

Lia Marcoux is an illustrator and student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Despite the probable disgust of her younger self (who once most excellently trick-or-treated as Al Capone), she most frequently draws Ladies in Historical Dress, ranging from the scrupulously accurate to the recklessly unresearched. She likes to read books about Regency England, generic Napoleonic maritime fiction, dragons with good manners and girl heroes. She hopes one day to learn to make cherries jubilee. She looks like a doofus in photographs, which is not a promise that she doesn’t look like a doofus in real life. Some of her work can be viewed at:

Madoka Ito

Madoka Ito (b.1973) grew up in Kyoto, Japan. Raised by non-traditional, artistic parents, she continues the custom of non-tradition. She received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1996 and enjoys creating poetic and whimsical oil & sumi ink painting on wood. From 2006, she started collaborating with her husband, sculptor Johnny Mac, to produce mechanical, moving painting/sculpture called 'Cyclectic Art.' She has shown her work in Portland, Boston, Kyoto & Tokyo.

Marie-Louise Plum
Ink & Mess is Marie-Louise Plum, a UK illustrator specialising in picture books, curiosities and old fashioned ephemera. A very healthy interest in magic, secrets and deserted islands keeps Ink & Mess alive. Ink & Mess operates from a shabbby old attic filled with unwanted toys and broken automata. Clients & Collaborators include: The Victoria & Albert Museum, Free for Charity, The Patty Winters Show, Ripping Yarns, Chalou St.Jude, Le Monstre & Platforms Magazine.
Marshall Stokes
Marshall Stokes was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a small factory city in the Berkshires, in 1976. Following high school, he attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston to study architecture. In 1998 he moved to South Lake Tahoe to snowboard for a year or so. After five, he moved to the north coast of California where he spent a brief period of time with Empire Squared, an artist group based out of Eureka, CA, with which he is still loosely associated. Marshall currently resides in Portland, OR, and will be resuming his architecture education in the Fall of 2008 while continuing to make art.

Matt Cipov

Matt Cipov is a self employed artist and designer who lives Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA with his wife and son. His art can range from creepy, to whimsical, to somber...because he is quite passionate about capturing all three of these moods. Matt spends his time doing commissioned works, graphic design for bands, gallery showings, books, art for movies and all sorts of collaborations. He is a nice boy who loves drawing.

Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson lives with his wife and two children in Sigtuna outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Mattias has a Masters of Fine Arts in graphic design. During the course of his artistic career, he has made animations for music videos & film and has been involved in making computer games. Mattias started a sketch blog in 2006, which has since been one of the most visited sketch blogs in the world. It has given him freelance work from all over the globe. He is currently working on a children's book and a comic book due out in 2009.

Michelle Brusegaard
Michelle Brusegaard is a renaissance artist living in in Minneapolis, MN, originally from North Dakota. She received her BFA from the University of North Dakota in 2005 with concentrations in oil painting and photography, also studying a lot of surface design (mostly batik). Since her graduation, she has taken on screen-printing and graphic design. Pattern and modern color palettes creep their way into every painting, photo and design she creates. Her work ranges from expressionistic oil paintings commenting on banality to screen-printed dishtowels. Check out her website where you will find links to her Etsy shop and blog.

N8 Main
N8 honed his drawing chops at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and at Watts Atelier in San Diego, where he also developed a healthy obsession with drawing, sculpting and painting the human figure. In N8’s visual stories, he sometimes uses humor in the subtle details to get his point across. His skill is such that he can easily transition from a very graphic, illustrative style to figurative fine art without a hitch. Currently, he is into painting with oils on wood, sculpting and making digital paintings, but still enjoys a good old sketchpad and a ballpoint pen every now and then. N8 draws inspiration from artists such as Norman Rockwell, J.C. Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell, Richard Schmidt and Peter De Seve, to name but a few.
Nick Kole
Nicholas Kole is a freelance Illustrator with a passion for: (in chronological order from first love to most recent) God, comics, lobsters, and Steampunk! A compulsive doodler since his thumb and forefinger could grip a crayon, heís just grateful that people seem to want to pay him. Born in America, heís been traveling abroad for the last 12 years of his life, settling (for the time being) in the city of Providence where he is finishing off his Junior year at the Rhode Island School of Design. Just don't ask him where Home is; you're likely to get into a very long conversation. Various scribblings and scratchings can be viewed at:

Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin is a lifelong activist and founder of the award winning, socially conscious design & consulting firm Another Limited Rebellion. Noah's work at ALR has gained international exposure in over a dozen books and is frequently featured in design publications such as How, Print, and Dynamic Graphics. Noah also founded the community supported agriculture group Sprout and is an adjunct faculty member in the graphic design department at Virginia Commonwealth University where he teaches Design Rebels, a course on socially conscious graphic design. Noah is currently in the midst of the year long art project Skull-A-Day ( A book based on the project will be published by Lark Books in October of 2008.

Ochie Caraan

Ochie used to believe that she could deal with things in her life precipitously and precisely. But the more she makes her way, the more reality has left her dazed and confused. In light of this and her relentless pursuit, she has taken up a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The University of Santo Tomas aspiring to amend her skills. In her free time, she works as a freelance artist and graphic designer.


With friends like Tila Tequila and Snoop Dog, you may recognize Peebers (a.k.a. "MODOPUP") from her MySpace fame--though life was not always so easy. Abandoned by her adoptive mother at an early age, Peebers found comfort and home with artist and MODOFLY co-founder Kevin Scott. Clearly the brains behind the organization, she chews a number of very important bones including Security Supervisor and Quality Control Specialist. Peebers personally oversees each and every item produced by MODOFLY.

Rebecca Menard

Rebecca Menard is an artist of versatile tastes living in Ottawa, Ontario. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Ottawa in 2004 and a BED from Queen's in 2005. She is currently working as a supply teacher, cramming art into every spare moment available. Rebecca has a penchant for realism executed in oil, acrylic, pencil or any other media that suits her fancy, but also a weakness for cute cartoon characters which she incorporates in her lighter work. Rebecca exhibits locally as well as online.

Ana MaRIA Seaton

The elusive Renmeleon is an eclectic creature. More commonly known as Ana MaRIA Seaton, Ria enjoys morning walks on the beach, homeschooling her daughter, and charity work. Illustration, writing, and design has been her lifeblood for over 20 years but stumbling into paper arts changed her life forever. Known for her unique hand-rendered style and fluid font-like handwriting, Ria is currently working on her first novel based on Odonatia, a children's book, as well as a coloring book full of monsters. She invites you to wander through her world at:

Rob Pitt

Rob Pitt is an independent and talented artist who lives and works in Portland, Maine. At the age of two his mother enticed him with crayons, paints, markers, and scissors. "No coloring books!" she would say, so as not to stifle his creativity. That was the beginning of his journey towards a labor of love in illustration and graphic design. To see more work by Rob you can visit his portfolio site:

Robert Horvitz

Robert Horvitz has taught at some of the world's top schools (Yale, MIT, RISD, etc.), but since 1991 has lived in Prague helping to develop electronic media (broadcasting and Internet) in the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe. Committed to all parts of the electromagnetic continuum, his drawings have been shown in many countries. Most of his time now goes to the Open Spectrum Foundation which promotes license-free access to the radio spectrum.
Ronny Vardy

Ronny Vardy, illustrator and painter, emerged into this reality in the middle east in Israel. She started her life as a painter and also as a new citizen when she moved to the United States while still an awkward teen. She began her formal training as a classically trained painter, and then as an instructor in oils and watercolors . From there it was easy to branch out into any form of art. This is how her work went in a whole new direction revolving mainly around fantasy and illustration. Ronny's work is mostly darkish with a humorous and light edge to it. The characters and the stories they tell are whimsical and childlike, yet slightly erotic. Ronny now resides in Seattle with Frida (the cat) where all the gloomy grayness inspires her to create works with more vivid hues and intricate tales.

Stephen Rothwell

Trained in the dark arts of painting, drawing and sticking stuff together with glue, Stephen Rothwell spends his life burrowing through piles of ephemera wielding his scissors, paintbrushes, cameras and scanners and recreating the worlds that haunt his dreams. On one of his legendary rambles through the outlying regions of Old London Town Stephen stumbled upon the Darkhouse Quarter,a place so very strange he has dedicated the rest of his life to documenting the surreal lives of it’s denizens. Darkhouse Quarter is not a fantasy world,it’s a real place,you just have to know where to find it.

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly has been producing work as a freelance artist since the late 90's. Over time, his work has evolved from traditional media illustrations and storyboards to digital illustration, graphic design, and 2D animation. Sean likes witty banter, commuter cycling, moving mediation and a good story. For the latest Sean stuff and online shop check out:

Steve Light
Steve Light grew up in an enchanted place known as New Jersey. He went on to study illustration at Pratt Institute & studied under Dave Passalacqua. After graduating, Steve created illustrations for corporations until he was given an opportunity to teach art to small children. It was in this classroom where he discovered greatest joy--to share stories with children and introduce them to new worlds that they can only visit with their imaginations. Steve has since published six children's books. His book, the Shoemaker Extraordinaire was in the children's book show at the Society of Illustrators. Sharing stories with children has also inspired Steve to create storyboxes consisting of hand-carved wooden figures used to dramatize stories. He enjoys the effect these props have in stirring young imaginations.
Susan Rudat
Susan has been obsessed with art since she was just a wee sprout. When she was five, she entered an art contest to "draw something green" sponsored by a lawn care company. She took this very seriously, entering ten pieces of art. When a First Place certificate arrived in the mail, she was hooked. She knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Many years of her artistic work involved film animation, dealing with positive and negative mattes used for multiple exposures on one frame of film. As an artist and illustrator, this technique has stayed with her to this day. Susan has worked in Texas as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for more than twenty years now. In keeping with her "green" roots, she enjoys landscaping as a part-time day job when design business is slow.
Tilly Bloom
Tilly Bloom was born and raised in Scotland and lived in the shadow of an ancient castle before moving to the United States 7 years ago. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York which she finds nearly as bonnie as her home city, and certainly much more delicious.Tilly is fond of all things unique, unusual and bizarre. She would rather buy an antique with its own history and personality than something shiny and new; or something handmade with care rather than mass-produced. Tilly gets ideas from all kinds of things--from spaceships to Scottish slang or Victorian costume, inanimate objects like teapots, umbrellas (especially umbrellas! perhaps because of all that Scottish drizzle...?) antique telephones, Bowler hats and of course her two favorite things, film and literature.
Travis Louie
From the tiny little drawings and many writings in his journals, Travis Louie has created his own imaginary world. Somewhat grounded in Victorian and Edwardian times, it is inhabited by human oddities, mythical beings, and otherworldly characters who appear to have had their formal portraits taken to mark their existence and place in society. The underlining thread that connects all these characters is the unusual circumstances that shape who they were and how they lived. Some of their origins are a complete mystery while others are hinted at. A man is cursed by a goat, a strange furry being is discovered sleeping in a hedge, an engine driver can’t seem to stop vibrating in his sleep, a man overcomes his phobia of spiders, etc. Using inventive techniques of painting with acrylic washes and simple textures on smooth boards, he’s created portraits from an alternate universe that seemingly may or may not have existed.
Tristan Brando

City of Angels based artist Tristan Brando has a very powerful imagination (as we at Modofly can attest to). Her medium starts with traditional processes such as screen printing, collage, encaustic to pen and paper and then works it's way into her magic computer to re-create the past with a witty, modern edge. Some of her favorite inspirations are to anthropomorphize animals, typography, scientific specimen plates and some good old school gig poster artwork.