Anthony Hurd’s New Print

I love Anthony Hurd’s very colorful, very chaotic work. Word on the street is that there is a new print (great colors again) and here is the info from Anthony himself:

I just wanted to make a couple of announcements. I’ve finished and put up my most recent print titled “I AM CALIFORNIA” which can be viewed at:

and here is the lowdown on the print:
“It’s a study in geographic and topographical effects in sequence with our daily actions. It’s putting a face to the decisions of our choices. At the same time it’s meant to bring light and optimism to the mind as we realize the earth will inevitably cleanse itself of our markings and revive it’s eternal splendor. Plentiful in everything that is needed to exist and coexist on a plane and dimension never seen by our uneducated eyes. Beauty is found in the details as the earth turns and mutates into it’s next stage of evolution. Mother earth learning, and teaching us a valuable lesson in which holds great reward.

While we as people look around at a decaying world bound by outdated political structures, the mother earth is preparing for the next stage of evolution. One free of exhausting precious resources and the desecration of sacred grounds. One where a balance will be forged between man and earth with the enlightenment of the divine. A singular spiritual connection ushering us into plentiful bliss, and extreme conscientiousness. A unified existence in the pursuit of ever heightened enlightenment.

I AM CALIFORNIA is my personal interprutation of the melding worlds. The landscape ridding itself of the scares we have imposed. Within the details and mess, a singular entity forms to put a face to it’s own cause.”

Also, I’ve updated a good deal of new work again and am recently available for new projects starting tomorrow..


Dont Panic - Cutty Sark Competition


Hey there Artists. Sharpen your art weapon of choice and que up for a chance to win. Dont Panic and Cutty Sark have teamed up to offer you a competition. Even though the competition says UK artists, Pete from Dont Panic said that its open to anyone. Read below:

Independent whisky brand Cutty Sark in collaboration with Don’t Panic is celebrating the work of independent London artists by launching an innovative, interactive online gallery as part of their new website. If you’re an artist and would like your work to be part of an exciting new online experience, plus the chance to win cash, some amazing exposure for your artwork in the media and a nice bit of Cutty Sark Whisky for yourself then here’s your chance to make it all happen.

We are looking for ten artworks based around the phrase “The Independent London Whisky” as the theme for their inspiration. Perhaps the work you produce from this can be an expression or portrayal of independent London, or maybe a visual interpretation of one of the many amazing stories from the history of Cutty Sark Whisky, which you can learn about here. We’re not looking for a straightforward print ad or campaign poster and your work can be rendered in any form you like, as long as its tone is positive and the art clearly reflects your take on The Independent London Whisky, Cutty Sark.

The Client

Cutty Sark set out to challenge conventions. Emerging from the established style of darkened, heavy, smoky Scotch whiskies, it made a virtue of its naturally light colour, smooth, approachable and refreshing taste.

Strongly rooted in London, this radically different whisky shares a name with the legendary tea clipper, the Cutty Sark - the fastest sailing ship of her time, herself named after a character in Robert Burns’ poem “Tam O’Shanter”: a young witch dressed in a ‘cutty sark’ or ‘short shirt’, who could run as fast as the wind.

Today Cutty Sark is still based in London at 3, St. James’s street, and is still very proud to call this diverse, open and fascinating city home.

How to enter

Your online entry must consist of ONE image of the following properties/dimensions:

* JPG or PNG file format
* 72 dpi
* Landscape or Portrait image orientation
* RGB colour
* Maximum file size 1MB

Entries should be submitted via our online form.

If you would like to use the distinctive Cutty Sark yellow in your entry, the pantone reference is PMS 130.

The Cutty Sark Logo can be found here.

The winning images must also be in the following format:
· 297mmx420mm (A3) landscape or portrait image
· 300 dpi
· CMYK colour

Please note: The Winners work will be hosted on the site for a duration dependent on the client. We require exclusivity for one year. After this the IP rights will return to the artist but the work will remain on the site.

What you will gain
Ten winning artists will be featured in Cutty Sark’s online interactive gallery and will receive a bottle of Cutty Sark Whisky.

Of these ten winners, three will be further awarded one these amazing sets of prizes.

First prize: You will have your work featured in Time Out magazine, displayed in the Berry Bros and Rudd shop window (London’s finest wine and spirit merchants on the prestigious St James’s St) plus a cash prize of £500 and a case of Cutty Sark.

Second prize: You will have your work displayed in the Berry Bros & Rudd shop window, receive a £250 cash prize and a case of Cutty Sark.

Third prize: You will have work displayed in the Berry Bros & Rudd shop window and receive a case of Cutty Sark.
All participants must agree to the Terms and Conditions of entry.

PLEASE VOTE…Freise Bros on PBS!

Our good friends the Freise Brothers have a Digital Short up that they need your help with voting:

PLEASE VOTE…Freise Bros on PBS!

“The Machine Stops” has been selected to compete with 2 other films for a chance to broadcast on television. Voting ends Wednesday 9/2 at 5pm. If our short receives the most votes it will air on PBS’s …program “Reel 13″ on Saturday 9/5. Tell your brother, your mother, and your uncle Frank to vote too!

Go here to vote:



New Artwork!

We have a plethora of new art for our books! Come check them out, and def check artists page for more info about artists!

A Couple New Pictures

I plan on doing this a little more frequently……..

After Life: Skull a Day Exhibit

Our good buddy Noah of Skull A Day fame and ARL has a show of many of his skull designs going on at Quirk Gallery through August 22nd. If you are in the area you should def check it out. I have many faves, but I love the chairs especially.

All photos from Noah’s Flickr


Custom CUSTOM Custom!

So if you can’t find a book that you like, or you just want a super duper customized book, or maybe you just want your own artwork on a book, fear no more. We have an option now to buy a custom book where you get to be the artist. Oh, and its the same price as all the other books. Sweet aye? Check out the link where it will take you to the book, and our template. Don’t know anything about image layout? No problem. For a paltry fee of $5, we will lay it out for you. Just make sure you pick the right book from the drop down menu (book + graphic layout). We look forward to your custom books. I shouldn’t need to say it, but do NOT submit images that are lewd, racist, or copyright. Past that, knock yourself out!


Finally Landed

Okay, so we are here in New Orleans. Its official. I hate the moving and getting settled process. We are finally settled in hot and beautiful New Orleans. I am hoping to get in the loop shortly with posting info soon. In the meantime, you can follow our random blathering and posting on a WIDE range of subjects on “the twitter” where our handle is…you guessed it, Modofly.St. Charles Streetcar

Modofly is Moving!!!

Modofly is moving to New Orleans! After being out on the East Coast for six years now, my home state is calling me back to engage in several new exciting things there, and so Modofly is moving as well.

That means that for the next two weeks until the third week of May, we will be out of pocket and questioning our sanity of moving during Jazz Fest. We look forward to settling in a great town of art and music, and pumping out a ton more cool new books.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions as we will be fielding email, but any orders made this week will be on hold, but we will be resuming book shipping as soon as we possibly can set up (and of course after we have had coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde of course)


Bon Ton Roulez!!


Upcoming Group Show at Roq La Rue

So just wanted to point out this cool upcoming show at Roq La Rue, and bothTravis Louie and Brian Despain (along with a lot of other talent) will be there. This is another time I am annoyed at being on the EAST Coast. Here is the blurb from the Gallery:

Also- we are getting ready for our upcoming blockbuster group show (and our only group show this year) called “Lush Life” that opens on Friday May 8th. Artists include some amazing “art stars” but also a few artists we are pleased to be breaking into the gallery scene and whom you haven’t heard of..yet.

Joe Sorren
Chris Conn Askew
Melissa Forman
Travis Louie
Chris Berens
Madeline Von Foerster
Martin Wittfooth
Ryan Heshka
John Brophy
Brian Despain
Glenn Barr
Dan Quintana
Femke Hiemstra
Laurie Hogin
Andrew Arconti
Lisa Petrucci

Contact us to be on a preview list!

Now here is a gratuitous shot of one of Brian’s Modofly books ;)